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Will Fly (or Buy) for Miles

Will Fly (or Buy) for MilesBy Road Reporter Sarah Roggio

You've probably seen the recent ads addressing some customers' frustrations with frequent flyer programs. Southwest Airlines is touting "no blackout dates" for its Rapid Rewards program. Alec Baldwin is pushing Capital One's Venture Card, which allows customers to "fly any airline, anytime." If you're a member of a frequent flyer program, you've probably experienced some of the challenges of trying to earn and then cash in your miles. If you're considering joining a program, you may be wondering, "Is it worth it?"

 The answer is: It depends. Obviously, the first factor to consider is, how often do you fly? Do you usually travel domestically or internationally? If you're an incredibly frequent flyer, are you interested in the perks offered to this elite class? Your choices may be limited by which airlines fly from your local airport or which airlines your company wants you to fly. Even if your company pays for your flights, you may have to pay for any upgrades you earn.

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